Discover the Practical & Soulful Way to Build Your Audience and Get Clients

A conscious online marketing & social media masterclass for entrepreneurs

"The initial response to my social media posts has been overwhelmingly positive. I now have 5 paying clients and I haven’t even launched my website yet.” — Erica Zygelman


When you consider everything it takes to market yourself and start attracting the right clients… It’s so normal to feel overwhelmed.


Flushed cheeks 😳.

Prickles along your back 😓.

Weight in your belly 🥴.


Because, gulp, where do you even start?

Building your email list?

Launching a course or program?

Creating a social media presence?

Investing in Facebook ads?

Hosting masterclasses?

Running a challenge?

You might slap your laptop closed immediately and think, "F*&# this"...

OR find yourself deep in Google rabbit holes, podcast episodes, and free courses - on a mission to DIY all the things.

Either way? You have so many questions –


Do I have to do it all?

What’s really going to work for me?

How do I know if I’m doing it right?

Do I have to become a salesperson to sell?


It’s certainly a lot to take in and juggle. They don’t call entrepreneurship “wearing all the hats” for nothing, right?

As someone who’s been there – and felt like a total deer in headlights…


I can assure you there’s nothing better than knowing which marketing efforts to prioritize.

It’s so empowering – and such a relief.


Which is why I’m so passionate about sharing what I’ve learned in the past 8 years of running a successful online business. 

A business that has…

  • Earned me $20-$30k months
  • Grown a super-engaged, devoted audience
  • Thrived without a single ounce of sales-y, grossness


Since discovering the strategies and efforts that have worked wonders for me, I’ve been teaching them to my Your Wellness Brand clients exclusively.

But now, for the first time ever, I’m making them available to you inside my 60-minute Mindful Marketing Masterclass.


Inside, you'll learn:

The 6 Core Components of the Organic Marketing Eco-System

Everything you need know about how different efforts draw in your target audience.

My Magnetic Content Creation Formula

How to structure your content in a way that makes your audience feel instantly drawn to you.

A Tried & True Weekly Content Creation Process

What it looks like to create content in advance and the tools that will make it as easy as possible.

Insider Social Media Tips

From reels to headlines to DM’s, discover how to use these key pieces to connect with your followers.

An Organic Audience Growth Strategy

Get my recommendations on how to grow your audience without being sales-y or aggressive.

The Best Part:


While this information is worth thousands – in fact, I spent over $10,000 learning from mentors and strategists to integrate this into my business – I’m making it available for just $599.

I'M 100% IN - GIMME


  • One 90-Minute Online Marketing & Social Media Lesson Everything you need to build a solid strategy keeping content creation and collaboration at the heart of all your efforts. {Valued at $10,000}

  • The Organic Marketing Checklist
    Never sit around wondering how to market yourself again with this guide. Inside you’ll learn what you can do daily, weekly, and monthly to build awareness about your brand. {Valued at $250}

  • The Content Creation Cheat Sheet
    Grab my content creation worksheet so that sitting down to write or create any content is so much easier. Think: way less writer’s block and way more flow. {Valued at $250}

About Me

Blair Badenhop is a global Brand & Messaging Strategist with over a decade of experience supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses. Her clients have included Emmy Award Winners, New York Times Best-Selling Authors, and hundreds of coaches and content creators from Australia to the Netherlands. She is the host of the Brand Yourself Podcast where she guides her listeners to lean into their authenticity and shares the journeys of renowned spiritual teachers, doctors, and wellness entrepreneurs alike. Formerly, she worked at Harper’s Bazaar, Dress for Success Worldwide, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Parsley Health.